Why choose us

Gate is an international investment service provider dedicated to providing global institutional and retail customers with risk control and transfer solutions, international spot and futures contracts for difference, and globally integrated trading services. In order to meet the needs of more retail customers, Gate relies on its senior experience in operating international financial derivatives to provide the highest quality international spot and futures products to global retail customers and financial institutions.

Stable trading platform

Millisecond transaction speed, stability and security, ensuring top-notch trading experience

Top Liquidity Provider

Enjoy in-depth institutional-grade FX liquidity quotes

Financial security

Client funds are completely isolated from the group’s own operating funds.

No conflict of interest

Real STP/ECN execution, no traders intervene in transactions

Convenient payment

Mobile payment is convenient, fast, efficient, safe and secure.

One-to-one customer service

Provide traders with one-on-one customer service 5/24 every week around the world

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The most popular trading products


Seize the opportunity to trade 62 currency pairs with ultra-low spreads and fast execution。

Precious metals

Speculate on gold and silver price movements against the US dollar and diversify your trading portfolio。


Provide mainstream virtual currenciesBTC、ETH、BCH、ETC、DASH...

Stock Indices and Crude Oil

No fees, no requotes, and no hidden markups, access major international stock indexes and crude oil。

Provide customers with the most extreme trading experience

  • Top technical support, Gate has the world's top level technical support, customer information security and transaction execution will be Get maximum protection
  • 24/7 customer service – during market opening hours Our experienced customer service team is available 24/5 to provide you with personalized service
  • Directly connects to MetaTrader 5 – The most advanced trading system for precious metals and CFDs, directly connected to the MT5 mobile port
  • Make your investment worthwhile – Our goal is to provide you with a full range of trading products with ultra-low spreads and ultra-low interest rates, so that you have no worries about your investment.

Metatrader 5
Make your transactions more comfortable and convenient

MT5 is an excellent real-time trading platform. It has concise, flexible, stable and detailed dynamic quotation analysis, and can set technical indicators and use intelligent trading systems. Its complete and practical functions allow all types of traders to implement all trading strategies. It is also the most commonly used trading platform by traders and can be used for terminals in the trading, futures, crude oil and CFD markets.

Funds are safe and reliable

In accordance with industry norms to ensure the safety of funds, at Gate, customers' funds and the company's own funds are stored in different bank accounts to achieve complete separation.

Gate strictly adheres to guidelines including anti-money laundering policies to protect customer interests, and we do not accept deposit or withdrawal requests from third parties under any circumstances.

Mainstream currency pairs